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July 11 2014 // 2783 Views

Nia Long Becomes Face Of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds Fragrance

The gorgeous Best Man Holiday actress has been announced as the brand ambassador for the new White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor fragrance.



July 09 2014 // 3082 Views

Joan Smalls For Estée Lauder

The young Puerto Rican beauty, Joan Smalls seems to be quite popular among beauty houses  who can’t get enough of her striking features for their ...


June 16 2014 // 2652 Views

Secrets To Looking Younger



We all look at ourselves in the mirror every day, but Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee says what’s important is what you don’t see. “We examine our faces and try to take care of ourselves, b...


June 13 2014 // 2501 Views

What To Do When Your Blow Dry Gets Caught In The Rain

Like Cinderella staying out after midnight, all the artifice breaks down when my blow dry senses a hint of moisture in the air.


Be it a humid summer day or a rainy winter morning, I have totally wasted my time doing my hair....


May 28 2014 // 3581 Views

Win A 3-step Product Collection From Clinique!

Simply subscribe to the Wow Mobile Newspaper Service by texting WMM to 4900 on your MTN phone or WOW to 655 on your Etisalat phone. Then follow us on Twitter- @letswowyou and tweet at us using the hashtag #CliniqueGreatSkin ...


May 27 2014 // 2766 Views


African hair can seem really difficult to manage. Its kinky na­ture plus our weather makes it increasingly frustrating. Hence that’s the reason we never allow our hair breath. Whether we decide to perm or go natural, you n...


December 30 2013 // 3322 Views


Some women of colour are usually afraid to try on pink lipstick because they don't believe it’ll look good on them.  Although the main issue is that most people don't choose the right shade of pink for their skin tone, we’ve also fou...


October 29 2013 // 5268 Views

Once You Go Dark, You Never Go Back

There is something about painting your lips black or darker that scares people! I mean, it is often synonymous to evil (lol). On the contrary, the dark lips fashion has been inculcated in the runway by...


September 10 2013 // 2890 Views

Warm Beauty In 5 Minutes

The weather is so warm that I wonder why we have not all melted and turned to chocolate caramel. You must be asking, “How do I apply makeup in this kind of weather without looking like a plucked chicken?” The key? Less is more! One multi-...


September 04 2013 // 2774 Views

Common Makeup Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of the human psyche. It is inevitable because humans aren’t perfect. At work and home we make mistakes and definitely when applying makeup too. Here are some common makeup mistakes we encounter everyday:
-   &...


August 26 2013 // 3083 Views

The Beauty Of Clean Beauty

I love to see some colour on skin but to me nothing compares to the classy elegance of beautiful skin and minimalist makeup.
Don’t get me wrong; well-applied colour is a sight for sore eyes but sometimes it clashes with all the wonderful ...

Kate Henshaw for the WOW! cover shoot

April 18 2013 // 4110 Views

Get The Cover Look!

Foundation: BM Pro HD Primer, Hazelnut Liquid Foundation, 47 Powder
Eyebrows: BM Pro and Mabrook Brown Eyebrow Pencils, Navajo Brown Brow Powder, Lace Brow Highlighter
Lips: Iris Clear Gel Base, Calla, Clear Shine
Eyes: Brown Flame,...

Korean Doll

April 15 2013 // 4288 Views

All Hail Ombre!

It is surprising how one word transferred from the French to English vocabulary can cause uproar in both the fashion and beauty industries.

Taken from the French word Ombre which means shaded, this trend has being welcomed with open arms and...

Photography: TY Bello / Make-up: Banke Meshida Lawal

August 02 2012 // 5793 Views


Whether it’s a wedding you’re going for or you just need your stylist to have a sense of direction so you don’t spend the entire day in their chair, save yourself some drama and take WOW magazine with you to the salon and point exac...

Photo Credit: Banke Meshida Lawal

April 12 2012 // 6026 Views

Purple Reign

Apart from retro Reds and Nicki Pinks, another hue set to reign this season is Purple. It’s been rearing its royal head recently as many bridesmaids/divas/models have been seen wearing it. Texture determines its eventual look especially in term...

Photo Credit: Banke Meshida Lawal

February 02 2012 // 4298 Views

Wow Hair

Natural locks need to be conditioned regularly and softened so that you can comb it easily. It’s always better to use a wide toothed comb and comb only when wet. Too much oil on the scalp will ensure your hair doesn’t grow so please don&r...


January 18 2012 // 5048 Views

Superhuman Skin

Nothing beats having amazing skin: Makeup goes on nicer and you don’t have to gloop it on. We are all on the quest to get smooth, bright and healthy skin. This journey can sometimes be costly and yield absolutely no results despite the gapin...

Iman Powder: Light as air translucent formula, it controls oil without drying to provide totally matte finish

February 24 2011 // 7580 Views

The Power Of Red

There is something about the colour red that really gets the blood flowing. Whether it's a ripe strawberry, a pair of red pumps, or a rich red lipstick, all of these items somehow provoke the mind to think about sex. With the spread of a red lipstick...

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