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Tony Elumelu

September 30 2016 // 3655 Views

Elumelu And Secretary Pritzker's Toast To Africa

Africa’s leading Pan-African bank, recently hosted a cocktail reception for US and African business leaders at the Essex House in New York City. 


L-R: Director, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP), Parminder Vir; Founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O. Elumelu; CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Reid Whitlock; and CEO and Founder of Java Foods, Zambia and Member Selection Committee TEEP, Monica Musonda during the official announcement of the selection of the first 1,000 African entrepreneurs for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) in Lagos yesterday

March 24 2015 // 4379 Views

Tony Elumelu Foundation Selects Inaugural 1,000 African Entrepreneurs To Participate In The $100M Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is pleased to announce the selection of the first 1,000 African entrepreneurs for the Tony Elumelu  Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP).  TEEP is a $100 million initiative to discover and support 10,000 Afric...


February 23 2015 // 4992 Views

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Announces New Chief Executive

Pioneer CEO, Wiebe Boer becomes Director of Strategy at Heirs Holdings

The board of Trustees of the Tony Elumelu Foundation announces the appointment of Professor Reid E. Whitlock as Chief Executive of the Foundation, commencing 15th Februar...


January 21 2015 // 4291 Views

United Capital Plc. Releases Its Nigerian Economy And Financial Markets 2015 Report

United Capital Plc. has released its authoritative and eagerly anticipated Nigerian Economy and Financial Markets 2015 report. The report provides a detailed review of the Nigerian market in 2014 with projections for 2015, commencing with a Global pe...


December 29 2014 // 4444 Views

Transcorp Named Most Compliant Listed Firm In Nigeria

In recognition of its outstanding commitment to upholding the highest levels of corporate governance, Transcorp has been awarded the Company Award for the Most Compliant Firm in Nigeria by the Nigerian Stock Exchange at a distinguished ceremony held ...


November 18 2014 // 5440 Views

UBA Ruby Account Offers More Exclusive Perks For Women, Introduces Priority Pass

Women who chose Ruby, a female focused current account offered by pan-African bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, will now enjoy more perks as the bank has expanded its list of exclusive partners offering special services to its female account ho...


July 25 2014 // 3152 Views

Getting 8 Hours Of Sleep Might Actually Be Bad For You

The Wall Street Journal reports that a series of studies have found that not only is seven the number of hours we want to strive for, but also that getting eight hours or more could actually be unhealthy.


We knew oversleepi...


June 17 2014 // 2792 Views

Hypertension- The Silent Killer

Hypertension has always been known as the silent killer disease. It comes in unannounced and hunts down its prey with no prior sign or warning. It has sent many to their early graves, creating a devastating shock to family members and...


April 14 2014 // 3270 Views

Slim Tip: Break The Fast!

We’ve heard it a million times over: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how many of you actually believe this old adage? Well ladies, it’s time to embrace this saying be...


December 13 2013 // 2963 Views

Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that occurs in women, even though it can also occur in some men. According to statistics, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. ...


September 13 2013 // 3049 Views


Soon, the world will descend on Brazil. In 2014, the FIFA World Cup will take place in the country most renowned for football. Two years after that, the Olympics will be the highlight. But, one needn’t wait so long to bask in the beauty of Braz...


September 13 2013 // 3202 Views


I love spacious rooms. They give me the freedom to pace around while I’m thinking something through. Sometimes I just sit and admire something I love from across the room while ba...


September 11 2013 // 2978 Views


Hello dear reader. Thank you for grabbing another edition of your favourite WOW magazine. This edition’s topic was inspired by an occurrence that happened several years back and I discovered that quite a number of people have had a session of t...


September 11 2013 // 3363 Views


Lemon dwarf trees are so close to my heart. I absolutely adore them. I can stare at them for hours and I have them all over my home. The joy that I get from them is something that I must share with you all. Is it the amazing scent that comes from the...


September 10 2013 // 3051 Views


These days people are actually giving more thought and consideration into weight loss and being healthier. The problem here is everyone wants results the quickest way possible, even if it means several fad diets also known as quick fix diets.


September 04 2013 // 3109 Views


Our problems in dealing with people might just be a little easier if we apply a bit of understanding in knowing that humans are perfectly imperfect

Many things happen every second of every day and it just takes gathering the thoughts...


May 27 2013 // 3033 Views

In Event Of Heartbreak, Keep Calm And Shop!

You may have to excuse the tone of this article people. As I tend to draw inspiration from my personal life, this is a topic that has been weighing on my mind over the last couple of weeks. Let me first begin by saying that I have recently gone th...


April 30 2013 // 3014 Views

5 Tips To Find Your Decor Style

If you get stuck on where to begin with a decorating project or are confused as to what direction you are going with your home, here are five tips I use to define my style and give some clarity to my thoughts.

TIP #1:
Art. What you...

It's all about your perspective. You can determine a positive outcome through a positive outlook.

April 15 2013 // 3590 Views

Navigating The Career Bumps

Careers can be quite a challenge. Right from school, we are faced with big decisions of choosing the right career. After school, the challenges mount even higher. But what if our reactions to the situations we are faced with is all that makes the ...


April 15 2013 // 3506 Views

Repeat After Me: I AM SORRY

Today I want to share with you something that is very important in not just your relationships but our everyday lives. It has nothing to do with gender, age or race; no preference at all. Three words that make extra impact than their actual meanin...


April 15 2013 // 3054 Views

Dealing With Heartburn

Having a good sleep is the most important thing I always look forward to every night especially after a very rough and busy day. Tonight will definitely be no exception, I thought to myself. Today has been one of such busy days I experience on the ve...

Alex Perry

August 02 2012 // 4143 Views

The Wedding Style List

Let’s start by saying huge congratulations to one of Nollywood’s amazing A-Listers – Uche Jombo - on her marriage to her beau in God’s own loving land, Puerto Rico. Her destination wedding has inspired our editors at BLULOFT t...


August 02 2012 // 4106 Views

Haute Decor

Colour is the most important element in fashion and in décor. Simple outfits can be instantly transformed with a pop of colour and the colours you wear can display what mood you’re in. The use of colour in home décor is a littl...


August 02 2012 // 4295 Views


What can I say? Bromeliads are such amazing curious plants. They make you look at them and say “that cannot possibly be a real plant” Hehe! Those are bromeliads for you!
When people come into my shop and see them, they are always ...


August 02 2012 // 3456 Views

Puerto Rico: Beach & Beauty

A commonwealth of the United States of America, Puerto Rico is a semi-autonomous territory whose constitutional status has long been a political oxymoron. The island’s cultural manifestations are similarly ridden with contradiction. Puerto Rica...


August 02 2012 // 4543 Views

Dear Newlyweds

This month I will like to focus my radar on that group of love birds who have one way or the other agreed to spend their lives with that one special person with a bond of love and affection for one another all the days as long as they live!


August 02 2012 // 4231 Views

Oh No, It’s Monday

A few years ago, all I needed to go into depression was seeing any word that started with  ‘M’  towards the end of the week and I would  have a panic attack. Palpitations, fear, trembling, anxiety, so that by the time Mo...


April 12 2012 // 3436 Views

Creating Serene Spaces

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes we need an escape which we can create by effectively mixing styles and epochs and creating uniquely attractive spaces. The result is this: the home while typical of the region and h...

Image courtesy of <a href=Cipriano Landscape Design NJ. All rights reserved." border="0" />

April 12 2012 // 3889 Views


Safety, privacy, placement, access, maintenance. There's a lot to consider when installing a swimming pool in your landscape. And of course, plant selection and landscaping around your poolside will demand some thought as well. The plants you choo...


April 12 2012 // 2960 Views

Hawaii Is For Honeymoon

Where tourism is concerned, Hawaii has something for everyone. The island of Oahu, the most populous and home to the state capital and largest city of Honolulu, is great for people who wish to experience the islands and still keep the conveniences of...

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